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A New Experience in the Mobile Gaming Marketplace

Smartphones have changed the mobile gaming market in a major way. In fact, it has been an influence on the whole mobile industry and especially the mobile gaming business. Games have been one of the most innovative forms of media and are used widely by people across all age groups and social strata to occupy their time and keep themselves active. As a result, more companies are investing their time and money in mobile gaming business as it is the fastest growing sector of the market. Check out this page for more info about mobile gaming.

Samsung is one of the largest mobile device makers in the world and one of the largest manufactures of handsets. On Samsung's wish to give mobile games to a new dimension, it has launched several new devices under the banner of'Galaxy Experience' and 'Inner Circle'. Among these, the most talked about mobile games are those developed by Samsung itself. Recently, we saw the release of'Dynasty Warriors' on the Android Market. Samsung, in collaboration with Chinese online giants like Tencent, Hunchun and Cyzoic, has developed a hit game that is in ready-made format for mobile devices. Learn more about mobile gaming here.

This interactive mobile gaming platform is designed for both the hardcore gamers and the casual gamers. A unique feature of this app is that it not only allows users to connect to a virtual online army, but they can also connect to their friends and family members who are far off in far corners of the world. The various game modes of this app include the usual battle modes like Capture the Flag, Attack, Defend and Speed; however, the best part of the app is that it gives the option to pit one's army against another in 'forts', like the fortress and the fort.

Users can choose from 'Real Time Strategy' to 'Cooperative Campaigns' in this mobile game platform. In the 'Defend the Fort' mode, the player needs to defend the fort against waves of enemy soldiers. In the 'attack mode,' the player must destroy the enemy base by making quick attacks on its various points using explosive weapons. In 'Cooperative Campaigns,' players need to save their town from attack by utilizing various means including vehicle and military resources against the enemy. Users can increase their mobile gaming revenue simply through engaging in a good and exciting activity of this kind.

As compared to other smartphone apps, Samsung's Game Prepaid Game offers many benefits to mobile gamers. First, it requires no monthly fee or subscription. Next, it is compatible with a host of popular mobile phones including the Galaxy S4 and the iPad and can be downloaded directly to users' smartphones where they can immediately play the game.

Moreover, this app can be downloaded from the Samsung App Store for free. Users need not to pay any money to download this amazing app. Users can also take advantage of the in-app advertisement promotion programs that come with every mobile gaming platform. This way they can boost their advertising revenue with as little as ten cents per cent of the amount of money they have spent. Explore more about mobile games at

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